About me

For over twenty years, J27 Design has been in the design business helping companies, organisations and more to have a better visual impact with their visibility with professionnal branding. Our specialisation is geared towards 3D visualisations and video promotions for use on the web and social media.

A Brief History Of
J27 Design

Computer generated imagery for me is a passion!  Back in 2002, fresh out of a multimedia training program... (yeah photoshop existed back then!) I knew i wanted to do this for the rest of my professional career.  A young natural born artist had just found enlightenment creating art that can move and have sounds and that we can interact with!  It was like a creativity overdose realizing the potential of this medium with infinite possibilities.  I somehow had to start my own business doing this.

Now, many years later, forever feeding my hunger for technology, I have gathered many skills such as

3D Rendering and Animation

3D has proven to be one the most effective tools to generate something that doesn't exist yet.  This can be a building, a room, a product or whatever you can imagine.

Video Creation & Editing

Over the years, filming and video editing tools are just crazy!  We now have flying cameras (drones) to get aerial shots that would have cost thousands of dollars just a few years ago or a video camera in your phone!!  Getting usable content from a client has never been easier!

Photo editing

I've done my fair share of fixing of family photos and making memes for friends and family all the way up to professional image compositing.  Image editing software have evolved so much that we are able to fool the eye!

Printed Media

Even though much advertising nowadays is done through internet, printed media still remain necessary depending on the situation. Document layout skills are still required to make sure your end product comes out as you expect it.  This applies to preparing files for basic corporate branding (cards, brochures), preparing CNC files for vinyl stickers or metal cutouts.